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Our Prayer

“We affirm the Center's purpose is to broaden and deepen our experience of Divinity and of our own true nature. We ask that each one who joins us here in this whether by entering the building and joining activities or simply by intending to align themselves with this purpose is supported and exhilarated in the experience of this.”

Since the Center of Light and Truth was envisioned and brought forth it has held itself within the idea of Divine service to all. This service is experienced on many levels and in many ways. Our first service has been and is to hold a Spiritual focus here in Boulder as an anchor of Light through time and space for all.


We hold a balance of Spiritual emanation and expression which is as free of dogmatic beliefs and assertions as we can. While the outer form of teachings has flowed and changed over the years since our inception, the quality and focus of spiritual Light has remained constant and full over the 40 some years of our existence.


We believe in the Singularity of Divinity, that the singular, pristine clarity of Divine Love is the essential nature of all things, all expressions. Holding this Vision we allow ourselves to be informed by the Divine in and with all our daily interactions. In this way we hold all our interactions as sacred and universal.


The unifying thread for our experience is the aliveness that comes from being involved with Divine Service and its expression.


Our Purpose